We are delighted to announce the coming together of two dynamic businesses - Avvio & SHR - each with leading proprietary technology, strong geographical presences, exceptional customer service and fully inclusive corporate cultures.

We’ve got a new name – the SHR Group – but the elements you loved about working with us will remain, with some very exciting additions. By coming together Avvio and SHR have created a powerful global hotel technology platform in allora.ai, and a hotel services provider, which offers a truly end-to-end solution for independent hoteliers and smaller groups.

Avvio already has a strong presence in the UK, Ireland and beyond and over the coming months we will be bringing Avvio’s customers into the SHR Group family.

SHR Group CEO Rod Jimenez and Chief Evangelist, Frank Reeves took some time to talk about the exciting opportunity we have with allora.ai, our hotel services and beyond.

SHR Group’s full stack of hotel tech tools and intelligent communications have been built from the ground up to work together. They are all underpinned by the revolutionary allora.ai platform, which maximizes revenue by learning from every guest interaction to predict and optimize all aspects of the booking and retention journey.

Both Avvio and SHR are much loved brands. As the SHR Group we are going to build on the foundations Avvio and SHR have laid - in our mission to put the power back in the hands of the independent hotel sector.