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Get access to Wave RMS at no charge!

Three months of access, at no charge, and with no commitment, your hotel can leverage Wave RMS during its recovery efforts.

Whether you’re staying open or temporarily closing your property, now is the time to start planning for the super complex, post-crisis marketplace.


Wave is a tool to help over the next few months and specially to identify pick up trends, at the right moment the demand comes back to your hotel.

The system will allow you track the pace of new reservations when the market is in recovery.  The shift is likely to differ from your usual trends and this will help you understand the pace of recovery.  

Get Strategy Builder. Within Wave, you will be able to create a strategy without taking into consideration historical data, just actual data on current booking behavior, which will help your hotels to identify different trends. You can create your own algorithm and obtain price recommendations automatically whenever market conditions apply. 


Wave will alert you when market conditions change.

We hope this free offering will enable your hotel to plan ahead and be aware of the changes as soon as they start to happen. If you think so, let's talk!

Fill out the form above and someone will connect with you shortly thereafter to get you started on the road to recovery. 


Limited availability.

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Sign up is limited through the month of June.

Limited to 3 months access.